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Cost and IVF

Cost is a major factor in a couple's decision to pursue infertility treatment.  IVF and medication are a major cost.  There are many factors that can increase quality and reduce cost.  There are ways to receive medication discounts from manufacturers.  There are money back programs which guarantee a live birth or a monetary refund.  Full details


02.04.2015 Egg Freezing- soon after big companies started offering Egg Freezing as a health plan benefit, the procedure has been getting a lot of national attention! Dr. Scheiber sat down with Fox19 on February 4, 2015 to discuss the new procedure. You can watc…

Egg Freezing

Vitrification dramatically improves success with both frozen eggs and embryos. The freezing of sperm has been a widespread and successful technology for many decades.  More recently, freezing of embryos and human eggs (oocytes) has become mainstream and …