How To Conceive with Endometriosis – A Patient Story
Tuesday, December 17, 2019

How To Conceive with Endometriosis – A Patient Story

Finding help to conceive with endometriosis

Meredith and Brian had been trying to conceive for about a year, but they had yet to see a positive pregnancy test. Around this time, Meredith also started having painful periods, so she made an appointment with her OB/GYN. Her doctor ultimately recommended that she visit our Cincinnati fertility center. The couple didn’t realize it would be the start of a journey to conceive with endometriosis.

“My OB/GYN suspected endometriosis because my sister has it. It’s funny because my sister went to IRH (the Institute for Reproductive Health) 10 years before to have her two children,“ Meredith recalls.

Starting the journey to conceive with endometriosis

The couple made an appointment with Dr. Michael Scheiber at our Cincinnati fertility center. He also suspected that Meredith had endometriosis. However, laparoscopic surgery is the only way to confirm the diagnosis. As a result, he decided to try the least invasive option first. He recommended that Meredith and Brian try intrauterine insemination (IUI).

When three IUI cycles didn’t work, Meredith felt discouraged and frustrated. “I’m impatient, like most people are when they want to have a baby. I just wanted it to happen, but I kept trusting Dr. Scheiber,“ she explains.

Dr. Scheiber then recommended a laparoscopy as the next step for the couple to conceive with endometriosis. After the surgery, Meredith learned that she had quite severe endometriosis and an ovarian cyst. Thankfully, Dr. Scheiber was able to treat both issues.

With the endometriosis cleared up, Meredith and Brian underwent one more cycle of IUI with Dr. Scheiber. It worked, and less than a year after the laparoscopy, the couple welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Mason. “Just a year ago, I was having surgery for endometriosis. Now I’m feeding my baby. It’s amazing how it all came together,“ Meredith gushes.

Thoughts about the team at IRH

Meredith and Brian have nothing but wonderful things to say about our Cincinnati fertility center. According to Meredith, “I already knew IRH was amazing because my sister went there. The experience at IRH was incredible, and everyone is so kind and supportive. I saw all the doctors, so I know each one is great.“

The couple also has high praises for the doctor who helped them conceive with endometriosis and have their daughter. “Dr. Scheiber is awesome. He’s so caring and patient. He really takes the time to explain everything. With him, you aren’t just a number,“ Meredith says.

Advice for hopeful parents who need help conceiving

The couple wanted to share their story, so that other women and men don’t feel so alone when facing infertility. “People haven’t traditionally talked about it, so it makes people feel like they’re alone and the only one struggling to have a baby. However, a lot of people face infertility. We just need to start talking about it,“ Meredith explains.

As for her advice for hopeful parents, Meredith says, “It is difficult, but it will get better. Just try to be patient and remember that it will all be worth it. Also, come to IRH. We wouldn’t have Mason without them.“

If you’d like to schedule an appointment at our Cincinnati fertility center, contact us. We help patients conceive with endometriosis and other conditions every day.

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