Conceiving with IVF for Recurrent Miscarriage
Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Conceiving with IVF for Recurrent Miscarriage

The beginning of the journey to conceive using IVF for recurrent miscarriage

When Heather and Brian started trying for a baby, they soon realized they would need help to conceive. However, they never could have predicted their journey would include our Cincinnati fertility center and IVF for recurrent miscarriage.

Before the couple came to the Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH), Heather visited her OB/GYN who prescribed oral fertility medications. After three biochemical pregnancies (very early losses), the couple started looking for fertility specialists near their home in Louisville.

The fertility doctor they saw in Louisville ran bloodwork. The results didn’t reveal anything abnormal, so the doctor recommended that Heather and Brian start intrauterine insemination (IUI). The couple was excited when they saw a positive pregnancy test, but they learned at 10 weeks it was a partial molar pregnancy, which was incompatible with life. After that, Heather had to undergo monitoring until her hormone levels returned to normal.

They took six months to recover and conceived naturally when they started trying again. However, they suffered another unexplained miscarriage at eight weeks. At this point, Heather and Brian started looking for a new fertility clinic. “We were unhappy with our care and wanted to find doctors who could help us,“ Heather explains.

Making an appointment in Cincinnati to learn about IVF for recurrent miscarriage

Heather and Brian felt excited and hopeful when they had their first appointment at our Cincinnati fertility center with Sherif Awadalla MD. According to Heather, “We had heard great things about him from other people and we learned how amazing he was at our first appointment.“

After reviewing the couple’s medical history, Dr. Awadalla recommended that they pursue IVF for recurrent miscarriage. He also suggested that they use preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) to identify which embryos were chromosomally normal. Heather and Brian agreed with his suggestions and they moved forward with treatment.

The first embryo transfer for in vitro fertilization didn’t result in a pregnancy and the second developed into an ectopic pregnancy, which subsequently required two surgeries to completely resolve. However, the couple still had faith in Dr. Awadalla and our Cincinnati fertility center. “We had a difficult case, but Dr. Awadalla and his team gave us amazing care and they went above and beyond for us,“ Heather says.

The couple found pregnancy success with their next embryo transfer. Nine months after the transfer, Heather and Brian welcomed a spirited and beautiful little girl named Vivienne. “She has such a feisty personality that we can tell why she was the embryo that stuck,“ Heather laughs. “She was meant to be our daughter and we can’t imagine life without her.“

Advice for other hopeful parents who are struggling to conceive

Heather and Brian know firsthand how difficult it is to face infertility and go through fertility treatments. However, they want other women and men to know that the process is worth it. “You don’t want to have regrets, you don’t want to look back one day and wish you had done more, tried other treatments. It’s all worth it in the end,“ Heather says.

She also recommends staying positive and reaching out to others for support. “It can be hard on the darkest days, but try to remember there’s always hope and you aren’t alone. Infertility is much more common than most people think.“ Heather suggests reaching out to others through local infertility support groups or social networking groups. These groups can be significant sources of support and comfort when going through infertility and recurrent loss.

Finally, Heather wants others to know that undergoing IVF for recurrent miscarriage was a great experience at our Cincinnati fertility center. “Working with Dr. Awadalla and his team was the best experience. Everyone was so helpful and empathetic. It just felt like everything clicked for us there,“ she says. “Even after six losses, they still gave us hope. We wouldn’t have our daughter without them and for that we are forever grateful.“

If you want to learn more about IVF for recurrent miscarriage, contact us to schedule a consultation. We are here to support you on your journey to bring home a healthy baby.

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