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The journey from happy couple to family should be an exciting, joyful experience. But when a couple faces fertility problems, joy and anticipation can quickly turn into frustration and anxiety. We can help most couples avoid the sadness and disappointment of infertility and instead experience the joy of starting a family.

IRH is the largest and most comprehensive multidisciplinary group practice dedicated to the care and treatment of infertile couples in Cincinnati. Fertility is our specialty and our uniquely qualified practitioners utilize the latest technology and cutting edge treatments to help you welcome a baby into your family. We know that having a baby is about much more than science, technology, or medical treatments. Our doctors and staff understand the hopes and dreams that lead you to walk through our doors and are honored to be compassionate and caring partners on your journey towards parenthood.

While the goal may be the same, each of our patients is unique. We are completely dedicated to each patient’s fertility success and create a customized treatment plan based on medical history, health profile, culture and beliefs, and personal goals. Our caring staff monitors each patient’s treatment methodically in order to reach the best possible outcome.

We offer many different ways to boost fertility and improve your chances of bringing a baby into the world, including:
By combining compassion and expertise, our physicians, Dr. Scheiber, Dr. Awadalla and Dr. Burwinkel, have helped thousands of couples become families.

Our doctors are consistently awarded top honors in the infertility field and are some of the most respected in Cincinnati. Fertility success is our goal for every patient and our dedication is evidenced by our impressive success rate.

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, infertility is defined as “the inability to achieve pregnancy after one year of unprotected intercourse.” Infertility is the result of health issues in men 40% of the time, in women 40% of the time, in both partners 10% of the time, and unknown 10% of the time. Age can be a contributing factor in decreased fertility, so for women 35 and older, we recommend starting an evaluation process after six months of trying to conceive, rather than waiting a full year. We also recommend fertility evaluations for women who experience irregular or painful menstrual cycles, have had pervious pelvic surgery or infections, or have had recurrent miscarriages.

One in eight couples have difficulty conceiving or sustaining a pregnancy. This can cause marital and personal stress, anxiety, and even depression, which only makes it more difficult to achieve a successful pregnancy. When couples come to IRH for fertility analysis and treatment we start with an accurate diagnosis of the potential causes of the infertility. For the vast majority of couples, we are able to identify the cause and move to the next step: developing a treatment plan.

When we create a treatment plan for our patients, we always factor in emotional support for the couple. We know that experiencing infertility is a difficult and often frightening prospect for couples wanting to start a family.

For a comprehensive guide to the emotional aspects, medical advances, and revolutionary treatments available to anyone experiencing infertility, download a copy of our book, The Fast Track to Fertility. Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for only $.99, or for free through iBooks, this guide is both useful and insightful. If you are currently a patient at IRH, ask your physician for a complimentary copy.

Call our one of our offices today to find out how our esteemed and compassionate doctors can help you achieve your dream of becoming a family. We have 3 office locations for your convenience: Cincinnati, West Chester, Ohio and Florence, Kentucky
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